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The method allows you to most accurately assess the place of the vessels, name damaged areas and sketch surgical intervention. Dynamic injection cavernosometry (DICC)

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It is used not in the same cause - if the passive, together with the urologist, plans to carry on an mechanic on the penis. Representing arteriography, the vessels of the penis are filled with a distinguished discriminate agent, which is injected. After that, its division along the arteries is recorded using a computer or magnetic resonance imaging apparatus.

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If, on a duplex study, the doctor cannot note a violation of the blood supply and the hurriedness indicators of blood originate are regular (pressing more than 30 mm Hg, guerillas index is higher than 0.8), it is necessary to look for other causes of carnal dysfunction. Arteriography of the penile vessels.

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During this operation, the government of the vessels as a consequence which blood flows from the instrument is assessed. This is the simplest, cheapest and safest method of eliminating vascular problems in men.

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