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With the employees of analyzes, it is possible to exclude or confirm the manifestation of the following diseases: dyslipidemia and atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus or prediabetes, endocrine pathologies, inveterate courage collapse and a number of other conditions. Referrals to some of them can be obtained free of charge, when contacting a psychiatrist or as participation of a clinical going-over (blood biochemistry, clinical urinalysis). Other studies, unfortunately, are exclusive available on filthy lucre, since they are not covered past the compulsory medical warranty policy.

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For men past 40-50 years past one's prime, questioning and interviewing are less important. At this adulthood, as a rule, the superstar is durable, the houseman is weakly susceptible to critique and self-criticism, therefore, cerebral ineffectiveness after 50 is absolutely rare. It is necessary to meet on the search with a view innate diseases, outstandingly atherosclerosis, diseases of the cardiovascular process and prostate. Also, after 50 years, at any visit to a surgeon or urologist, a rectal examination should be performed to exclude oncological diseases of the prostate gland. Laboratory diagnostics.

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